Monday, May 5, 2008

Ten Days

Ten days till departure, but who is counting?  Okay, I confess, I am counting the days!  I find myself to ready to zip up the suitcases, which now line our bedroom wall, and get moving.  At this point we either have it or we don’t.  So let’s get this party started…

Actually, there are still local logistics to tend to before we drive away for the summer.  I still have to get keys into the hands of friends who will care for our home and other domestic matters.  I have a few more friends to see before I can leave with my heart at peace.  Emma still has a few days of school left, and a hair appointment to clean up her dreads for the trip.  But Justin, he has his passport and is totally ready to go!  Ron and Sarah still need to move in the rest of their belongings and set up their rooms.  And Claude, well his focus is firmly forward!  He is securing international insurance for the family, our lodging in Burundi, etc.  So maybe we all (save Justin) have some more to do before we board our flights!

But my spirit is ready to go.  I am eager to embrace this summer of African Days (thanks to Kym for that wonderful image).  I know there will be hardships, moments of frustration and pangs of homesickness.  But I am also anticipating fresh adventure, deepening relationships and the joy that comes from participating in God’s restoration project in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa!

As I shared with our friends at Fellowship Church yesterday morning, it feels like I am stepping out of the comfort of my boat onto the lake.  Anyone familiar with walking on water?  Water is a strange surface to walk on, but I am getting my sea-legs and learning to walk in faith, eyes fixed on Jesus.

Ten days and counting!

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