Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Celebrating in Bujumbura

I woke up this morning in Burundi.  After months of wondering, then planning and finally flying... I am in Bujumbura for the summer.  How do I know I am waking up in Burundi?  The birds sing loudly here, and that is the song you wake up to in the morning.  So with the chorus of birds to remind me, I began the day in a new place and a new season.  

Just a day prior to our arrival, the final rebel group in Burundi signed a peace agreement with the government.  This was good news for Burundi, first and foremost.  But we were also glad to come to Burundi to share in their celebration of a new season of peace within their borders. We pray the peace will have traction.

Today we are setting up our new home... and what a home it is!  This home has a stunning roof-top patio with a breath-taking view of Lake Tanganika.  Across you can see the mountains of Congo, so close you imagine you can reach out and touch them!  On the roof you can feel a cool breeze, and I would venture to guess that this will be where so many evenings of conversation, reading and resting will take place.  So far, Africa is spoiling us rotten!

The kids met their new nanny this morning.  Nina is a Burundian university student on summer holiday.  She has some English, but I encouraged her to teach the kids kirundi over the summer.  We invited her to teach us, too!  Claude's Aunt Leonie arrived this morning to greet us - and we both embraced one another tightly and with tears.  She looks well - strong and vibrant in her green traditional dress.  She went on some errands for us, getting sundries like mosquito nets, hangers, hampers and even fresh fruit.  Such abundance - she brought back armloads of bananas, avocados and pineapple!  

Now we are sitting at Botanika enjoying a good meal and the free wifi.  All four of us are at a table under a flowered canopy, with our laptops all open and working... connecting with friends back home and abroad!  We are all about connection at Amahoro!  

So I wanted you to know that we made it here safely and we are well.  The photo above is from our first evening in town.  Claude took us to a favorite spot - Belvedre - for an amazing welcome dinner.  We learned later that we had been treated by our friend, Mark Shook.  (Thanks, Mark, we felt welcomed and blessed as we savored the view and the meal together!)  

We are here... sigh.

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krystalm said...

I'm so happy for you and your family Kelley! I'm glad you made it there safely and are enjoying yourselves. Please take care and we'll be talking soon. :)