Monday, May 26, 2008

How to process...

Sometimes it is difficult to process these emotions I have surging in me, as I hear stories from those who have survived the genocide in Rwanda.  One element that really provokes a stunning sadness in me is that neighbors killed neighbors, those daily interconnected to each other failed one another during the days of genocide.  Here is just a personal attempt...a stream poem:


We were neighbors
Neighbors who shared water
Water that is now filled with bodies
Bodies of other neighbors
Neighbors should share sugar
Sugar, sweetness and stories
Stories now come with salty tears
Tears because we were once neighbors.

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beth said...

wow kelley - i didn't know that you too were a poet. i appreciate the simplicity of this. i have yet to write anything about my experiences in rwanda or kenya - but i think some of it will have to come out in poetry. thanks for sharing yours.