Friday, May 23, 2008

Temporarily Apart

Claude boarded a bus at 6:30am this morning, leading a field trip to Burundi.  I have not heard from him since... we are temporarily apart.  The kids and I are enjoying a more relaxed day, with no hectic schedule.  We did have a heavy-handed down pour this morning, it is the rainy season in Rwanda, afterall.  But the day has been pleasant.  

I visited with many friends before they left for flights home, like Tekle & Nunu from Ethiopia.  I encouraged them to keep the conversation going in their country, to bring more friends to the gathering next year!  I finally shared a quiet conversation with Jane Kanange, a woman I have admired from afar.  We shared our stories - my adoption of Emma and Justin, her work loving prostitutes and transforming her community. We mused on what it means to care for others, to make space for them to be themselves in our presence, and how we often encounter God there in those moments.  I will be with her on Sunday at her church gathering, and I cannot wait to see those she loves and cares for in the red-light district of Kigali.  Then there was time sitting and laughing with Richard Twiss, Tim Keel, Beth Mercer, Ruthie, Phil, Ashley, Laura... savoring friendship in this lush landscape without any hurry.  What a blessing!  The kids and I shared lunch with Ron and Sarah, as we will for many days to come this summer.  Then we were off to the city for coffee, shopping and more visits!

Emma took her first photo on a digital camera today - all by herself!  She was so proud to aim, focus, click the button and then see the photo.  Justin did not want lunch today - another first! He was content with a bottle of water.  I think he will be hungry for dinner, however!  

So we will have to make due without Claude around here for a few days!  Tomorrow the kids and I will spend the entire day with Justine, Bosco and their kids.  Finally we can be together in her home!  Sunday will be with Jane at her church.  Sunday evening Claude returns, as well as friends who visited Burundi and the Rwandan countryside.  So pray that God will hold us together until we can actually be together again!

Hope you are all well.  I hope you know that you are in my heart, as I am in the heart of Africa!

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