Sunday, July 13, 2008

Soul Food

Terry arrived yesterday, along with his colleague, Becka, from New Jersey.  And along with his Sabbath-presence, he brought me some soul food for my remaining weeks here!  I am deeply grateful for the contemplative texts... a much needed corrective for my overly analytical, too-often judgmental and linear thinking.  If I am to hold Burundi in my heart, I certainly need to allow God to create a deeper and larger space in me for His work to have ample room.  So I have to say a huge THANK YOU to Terry for packing some extra baggage on my account!  (As a fellow lover of the Almond M&M's, he really sweetened the deal by bringing a few bags along with the books!)

Blessings abound in Burundi!  We begin the second Amahoro Institute here in Bujumbura tomorrow evening.  Terry will be one of the instructors for this conversation, and Becka will be filming some stories from Burundi to share back home.  As for today... we travel together to Bubanza to visit our Batwa friends.  Our entire household will be along for the ride.  So more joy as we connect friends with other friends... not a bad way to spend a Sunday!

Oh - and today is Justin & Emma's 3rd Adoption Day!!!  It was three years ago today that I landed in Bujumbura and our family was finally together.  So we will celebrate God's goodness to us as a family.  Adoption is a deep blessing.

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Valerie said...

Food for the mind...fellowship and encouragement for the soul...and almond M&Ms...what more could a girl hope for!

Thanks, Terry, for blessing our dear friend!

AND Happy, Happy Adoption Day to the babes! Huge hugs to them from "Auntie" Valerie & "Uncle" Randy!!!