Monday, July 28, 2008

Sights & Signs in South Africa

I cannot do South Africa justice in a blog post or even a series of posts.  The country is just too stunning, to amazing, to rich to reduce to words.  But you know I will try to convey some of what I saw, felt and learned while in the New South Africa this past week.  A few photos to start... because after 2 full days in transit I really need some sleep!
This is me in South Africa.  Yes, those are PENGUINS behind me.  Did you know there are African penguins?  It was one of many delightful surprises in my week long visit.
Cape Point... the southern most tip of the African continent.  It is too vast and majestic to capture in a photo, but this is my best attempt.  It was absolutely stunning...
Robben Island, and Nelson Mandela's home for 20+ years.  This is the limestone quarry where he worked.  The monument of stones commemorates those who served here, serving time but investing in the future of their country.  One Mandela's 5th anniversary of freedom he hosted a reunion at this very place, and each former prisoner contributed a stone to mark the occasion.  
Stellenbosch is the wine country of South Africa.  This was also the home of our friends, Tielman and Elma, who hosted us in their guest house.  This is the view from our doorstep.
On the streets of Cape Town, you can find color everywhere.  Since I could not pack all the fabrics, jewelry, drums and such I wanted.... photos became a way to capture the color and creative I witnessed around almost every corner.  This is just a sample.


Erica said...

I stumbled on your blog only to discover that I think your from Arizona! I'm enjoying catching up on your adventures - its awesome to see what God is doing in Africa through you guys. Praying for you all.

Doggie Nanny said...

I love the pictures of the penguins! What a wonderful surprise! Glad you are enjoying your S. Africa trip. I'm learning so much about Africa from your blog...thanks!!