Friday, July 18, 2008

Friendly Photos

You might recall that we are not traveling or living alone in Burundi this summer.  I want to share just a few snapshots of the friends who are with us for this summer's African Adventure. My time would certainly be less without their humor, intelligence, compassion and over-all good natured approach to everyday life as expats!  We are living and learning together - a deep and sweet pleasure, indeed.
By best friend, on any continent and in any season.
Becca (visiting for the week), Grace (here for the summer) & Christy (here for 9 months).
Ron & Sarah - working, laughing and loving their way through their Burundian summer.
Grace and Sarah - don't let the smiles fool you, they are ruthless scrabble competitors!
Ron is sharing with our Batwa friends - in Kirundi! 
 Claude seems to get a kick out of his accent, I'm guessing!

There is something sweet and formative about taking your friendships on the road.  There is no hiding your flaws, your down swings, your utter silliness and odd senses of humor.  But then there are all the delightful surprises of life together - helping with projects, offering the right word at the right time, being able to find a listening ear the moment you need one, learning new things together that will change you forever.  I believe we are only going deeper together, deeper as friends of one another and deeper in our friendship with Jesus thanks to our shared summer.  I am so thankful for these dear friends!

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