Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Making of...

Today we filmed a video on building cross-cultural friendships.  We began at the edge of Lake Tanganyika, one of our favorite places.  In the early morning the beach is still, no wind and no noise... only the gentle lapping of water onto the shore.  Perfect conditions for a conversation on friendship!  So we, along with our friends Ron & Sarah, began the morning on film.  Oh - and a camera man and a sound guy!

But the video contains a story, and telling that story took us back to the Batwa village of Bubanza.  Here, we witnessed the making of the signature pots the Batwa are known for country wide.  We filmed, we watched, we learned and we were amazed at the skills of the Batwa people.  Here is a bit of what we saw today...

Ron & Sarah going over the script while the film guys prepare for the set.
Ron & Claude laugh as they wait to film another shot.
The women at Bubanza making pots together.

Women preparing the fire for the pots.

The pots are buried beneath the fire.

A finished pot is proudly carried...

... to a new friend.