Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good Vibrations

My friends + my kids = a good combination.  Yesterday we all piled into the van and drove to Saga Plage, a local beach on Lake Tanganyika.  Claude ordered us an amazing shoreside lunch and we enjoyed the cool breeze and stunning view.  After lunch, my friends (Christy, Ron and Sarah) took Justin & Emma into the water for some beach fun.  (The choppy waters were a good sign - crocodiles usually stay away when the water is choppy.)  They were such good sports - taking the kids in the cold water, getting more wet than they planned and laughing the entire time.  Christy helped the kids get their feet wet - first cautious steps into the water. Then Ron came and lured them into deeper waters to hit some crashing waves and really experience the waters force.  Sarah was not far behind - keeping the kids laughing as she held hands and even swung them over the waves. After nearly an hour of water play - I think everyone was ready for a break!

Then we shared in a moment of Africana... the egg vendors.  All around town you see young boys carrying egg crates on their head.  It is portable protein, these hard-boiled eggs they pedal.  But after playing in the water, Justin had (again) worked up and appetite.  He saw a vendor - they are even active on the beach - and was eyeing the eggs.  So Claude thought it would be fun to give them this truly African experience.  So he whistled for the young boy to come over, selected an egg... and then cracked it on the boys head!  Seriously!  He laughed, the boy laughed... this is how you are meant to crack the egg.  So then they boy pulled out a salt shaker, so once Claude had peeled the egg he could properly season it.  This exchange cost us about 20 cents.  Justin took one bite of the egg and decided against eating it.  But Emma savored her bite, and then enjoyed the entire egg all by herself!  So there is a slice of Africana for you!  
Christy & Emma
Justin clinging to Ron.
The girls... Sarah, Emma & Christy.

Ron & Sarah swing Justin over the waves.
Justin always has a smile to share...

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monkwater said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for the pictures and updates. Wish I was with you or better wish you were here. See you soon. Jimmy