Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Looking for Land...

We were out on the road again today - looking for land for the Batwa Community.  This is not the first parcel we have investigated, and may not be the last, but this is part of the process. This particular plot is already fertile ground for cotton, as you can see.  Through the dusty brush and grass you could see these bright white orbs like gems in pronged settings... catching the sun and radiating alabaster beauty.  I never knew cotton could be so stunning - before reaching a tailor or fashion house for shaping!  But cotton is not the best crop for sustainability, we are thinking rice will better suit the local market, the growing climate and such.  Rice demands ample water for frequent irrigation, and that is one downside to this land.  Water is nearby, but not close enough to make this land our gem!  Well... with the investment of some infrastructure, maybe.  But we are not done looking yet for the best place for our Twa friends to relocate, rebuild and renew their lives.  

Just 2 kilometers up the road is the Batwa Village that we will be partnering with for this project.  The photo above shows just a snapshot of this village, perched on the side of a road. Imagine a home on the shoulder of the main road in your city, imagine your children playing there, you cooking outside with the fumes of exhaust lingering in the air, with no privacy or protection from the elements or passers by.   This would not be suitable housing for us, nor is it for our Twa friends.  So you can see why it is important to go looking for land - to find a better place for them that will offer good housing, fertile soil for gardens and land that can sustain a new economy.

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