Monday, June 16, 2008

Healthy Smiles

We are happy and healthy - see!  This photo was taken in honor of fathers - mine and theirs!  Since mine was in California and theirs was in Brussels on Father's Day, this was our way of sending smiles to our great dads!  Now we have another great father in Montreal, too, so we cannot forget to wish him a Happy Father's Day also!

As you can see, Emma and Justin are adapting well to life in Burundi.  They seem to enjoy this house filled with friends, family and great helpers.  Justin loves Nina, his nanny.  He also enjoys playing soccer with Eric and watching him open and shut the big gates. ("Mama, someday I want to open the gates like Eric when I get bigger" he told me!)  Emma adores her Aunt Leonie - which is no surprise to me because they have a very similar way about them.  Emma's biggest smile came when her Aunt dressed her up in her own African skirt and taught her to dance... she danced with abandon (but no rhythm, sadly)!  They are having fun with Aunt Anna, Uncle Cadeau... and then Ron & Sarah and Grace.  So many friends around all the time - Justin is loving the relational opportunities!  But they are eager to start school - which is coming soon!  Justin does miss Miss. Angel and his friends from his school, and Emma has asked when the yellow bus is coming to take her to school... so they are ready to get back into a classroom, back into the mix with new friends... more activity for their curious minds!  They do enjoy going with Aunt Leonie to Sunday School every Sunday... they are the only ones in the Sunday routine!  

I am well, but waiting for Claude to return.  He is stuck in transit... in Brussels right now.  But soon he will be back - and my smile will be all the wider!

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