Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Camp!

We are in the final moments of summer...  We have hosted many friends since June.  Some from Arizona, California & Texas, others from the Dominican Republic and Canada.  It has been a great ride sharing our life with each friend, learning new things together and conspiring some Kingdom goodness along the way.  Our summer has been full of blessing!

Our kids enjoyed a traditional summer activity - camp!  Justin and Emma piled into the van with their aunties and uncles (and one cousin) and journeyed to Mwaro.  This was their first visit up country, their first taste of rural life.  This is where Claude and his family grew up, this is where our extended family still resides to this day.  So the kids enjoyed a 'rural camp' experience while staying with all there other cousins and family members.  

The kids mingled easily with their cousins, and I think their uncle was proud to have them visit. They stayed in a little house with their aunties.  Justin was assigned a job... feeding the cows. He took his job very seriously, feeding the cows with diligence and tenderness.  He commented that is was dirtier up there, but otherwise he loved the visit and wants to go again!  Emma's favorite part was the family wedding... she was mesmerized by the women dancing the traditional dances.  She couldn't wait to show me her new dance moves, as she imitated the elegant ladies and their animated movements!  The kids loved the family, loved the country and loved their summer adventure!

Now that all the guests have gone and camp is a memory... we are looking toward school and a new season of work.  Even in Burundi, the seasons turn!

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